“COKE is a lightweight node.js MVC framework that speeds up your web development. It's simple, it's modularized, it's somking fast!”

  # Quick start
  # Make sure you have installed node.js, mongoDB and npm before you run the folling commands

  $ npm install coke -g
  $ coke new blog && cd blog
  $ npm install -l
  $ coke g scaffold posts title:string content:string

  # Make sure your mongoDB is running

  $ coke s

  # Now go check at on your favorite browser to see your first coke project
# Current version: 0.12.5


COKE is built on top of the popular web framework Express, which means you can use all middlewares from Express and Connect directly in COKE. It does not add too many magic, instead it provides a clean and well structured project bootstrap for you. Checkout the Docs for more details.


Our goal is to make web development a joy. We want this project to have a smoother learning curve, powerful scaffolding generators for project prototyping, well-formatted project structure to be easier to maintain and of course to be a high-performance web framework.


COKE is still in its early stage and needs your help to extend its functionality and increase its stability. The source code is hosted on Github, you can help us by sending us pull requests, feedback bug reports or translate this project into your language.